Paulo Emilio Bravo Consultores S.A.S allocates human, technical and financial resources to design, assess and improve its Occupational Health and Safety Management System (SG-SST, by its acronym in Spanish). It promotes communication, participation and consultations; identifies hazards and threats; evaluates and assesses risks and vulnerabilities; establishes and maintains at all work sites promotion, prevention and control measures aimed at reducing absentee, accident and illness rates among all workers, independently from the form in which they are hired or contracted, and the implementation of measures to protect the physical integrity of Clients, Suppliers or Visitors who are at company premises.



  • Mitigate risk levels associated with performance of work on public roads, taking measurements on structures or platforms, viewing screens, repetitive movements, over-exertion, standing or sitting postures, among others listed in the hazard identification, evaluation and assessment matrix.
  • Reduce the vulnerability levels associated with the materialization of the hazards of earthquakes, epidemics or plagues, theft or extorsion of workers, among others listed in the vulnerability matrix.
  • Ensure the identification, assessment, implementation and maintenance of the guidelines established in applicable national law.
  • Design and implement the work training, orientation and retraining plan, the safety inspection program, the preventive occupational medicine program and epidemiological surveillance programs of biomechanical and psycho-labor risks, focused on the prevention of work accidents and illnesses.
  • Promote reporting, treatment and monitoring of unsafe acts, unsafe conditions, work-related incidents and accidents and occupational illnesses.
  • Train personnel on measures to prevent, prepare and respond to emergencies.
  • Carry out training, orientation and retaining events.
  • Assess the performance of the SG-SST and promote its continuous improvement.

Main office

Phone: +57 (2) 4010352

Address: CALLE 22N # 6AN-24 OFICINA 608
Edificio Santa Mónica Central
Santiago de Cali – Valle del Cauca

E-mail: peb@peb-sa.com

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