Paulo Emilio Bravo Consultores S.A.S allocates human, technical and financial resources to design, implement, assess and continuously improve its Quality Management System, with the objective of providing services of optimal quality that fulfill to satisfaction the requirements established by society, customers and the organization.



  • Identify and fulfill to satisfaction the requirements and contractual specifications established by our clients.
  • Identify and adequately treat any non-conformities or non-conforming services from the planning stage to final acceptance of the service.
  • Schedule and monitor compliance with contractual requirements and specifications, terms of delivery, addressing claims, concerns and complaints and the transparent and honest actions of the personnel involved in service provision.
  • Provide human, infrastructure and financial resources in a timely manner to ensure customer satisfaction and optimal performance of the service of project, verifying that the resources provided fulfill the quality criteria established by the client or the organization.
  • Manage results and update the organization’s processes for the continuous improvement of its SGI.
  • Promote risk management in all the organization’s processes.

Main office

Phone: +57 (2) 4010352

Address: CALLE 22N # 6AN-24 OFICINA 608
Edificio Santa Mónica Central
Santiago de Cali – Valle del Cauca

E-mail: peb@peb-sa.com

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