Paulo Emilio Bravo
1909 – 1996

The book «Trazado y Localización de carreteras, Técnica y Análisis del proyecto” (Road Layout and Location: Technique and Project Analysis), published by the Engineer PAULO EMILIO BRAVO (r.i.p.) won the “Diódoro Sánchez“ National Award in 1971, granted by the Colombian Society of Engineers, for best technical book published on this subject in Colombia. Engineer Paulo Emilio Bravo, who was a founding partner of the firm that bears his name, received nine other awards for his personal merits. The book was initially intended to offer university professors and students of land roads a detailed compendium of the work process and calculations involved in selecting the route, the geometric design and the location of roads and the arrangement of operations that ultimately enable selecting, based on economic criteria, the most suitable land movement during the construction of transportation systems. See publication:

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